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“I was trapped in an underwater cave. A 3-foot-high cave 60 feet below sea level. An avalanche
of sand exploded through the water as a large shark torpedoed by me. It was completely dark.”

Re-Empowering Real Men and Strong Women 50+

Seize this opportunity.

50++. It’s the best of times, it’s the worst of times. It’s the season of light, it’s the season of darkness. It’s the spring of hope, it’s the winter of despair.

I know you know what I mean. You don’t need me to write paragraphs about it.

50++. It’s definitely a special time. Engage it. Embrace it. Seize the opportunities.

You want to re-capture the "aliveness factor". You know it’s in ya. And you want it to come out.

Your purpose is to make a difference. A real difference in your life and others.

You want to be the best on whatever path YOU choose. Not the best version. Not the realistic version. But the best.

You’re tired of getting jacked up on motivational speeches and preaches, quotes, and cliches that go nowhere.

You’re frustrated being told the common things you’re supposed to do. But what you really want to know is “the how”.

I get it. I want to empower you.

And I want you to empower others. I will do more than tell you common concepts, hacks, and mini
habits. I will share real-life stories taking the uncommon way. Stories that SHOW you what’s working now in real-life with big challenges.

You want it? Take it.

A vision that touches and aligns with your overall ambition. Mind. Heart. Emotions. Body. Soul. Business. Relationships. Finances. Decor. Everything.

– Mike Hawkins –

Professional Speaking

I’m not a motivational speaker. I am a professional speaker. 

Speaking. Podcasts. Workshops.

Looking to add something dynamic, entertaining, strategic, and insightful to your next conference, panel, or podcast?

Whether my stories are told from a stage or from behind a microphone streaming out into the world, it lights a fire under people and makes them think about getting up and moving forward towards their ultimate goals. 

We’ll dive deeper in personal and team workshops. Are you an athletic team? Corporate group? Are you looking to take your organization to a higher level? It takes more than just mindset. If your team functions harmoniously under the same vision, growth and energy can flow more quickly.  

Over the course of one or more day, we can make an actionable plan towards making an impact whether on the athletic or corporate field.  

Together, we will focus on crafting your vision, declaration, process with action plans, and a 3-month roadmap to start you off strong on that journey. Follow up texts and emails to make sure you’re staying on track are included. Includes a discovery call where we can narrow it down to specific topics you want to cover. Let’s reach people that want to live a more kick-ass life.

Contact me to learn more.

Signature BlueWater Vibes Experience

Quantum leaps are not for everyone.

This experience is not for everyone. Over the course of 2-10 days, we will challenge you mentally, physically, and emotionally to take that quantum leap.

Together, we will focus on intensive sessions to craft your vision, process, personal branding, and a 3-month roadmap to start you off strong on that journey. As we build what that looks like, we will incorporate real adventure with a fully customized ocean sports experience.

Your takeaway will not only be all the tools you need to embrace your challenges and run on towards your goals, but also an invigorating adventure experience that will kick start that “aliveness factor” I talk so much about. Plus, so much more.

Typical locations include the Carolinas, Florida, and the Kona coast. Also open to international destinations in Mexico, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Philippines, and Portugal. Don’t worry– no adventure experience necessary.

Contact me for more details


And this is my story.

I can’t, and I have the excuses to prove it.

I just turned 69 years old last month. I’m too old. I have two types of cancer. That makes me too sick. The surgeries to manage my diseases are lengthy and numerous. The eye cancer left me blind in my right eye. Add an enlarged artery to the mix.

I injured myself one too many times. A severed ligament in the hip should have meant that I would never run again. I broke bones. Too many to list or remember. I have dislocated all my fingers– not all at once, but I’ve easily done it many times over individually. And those are just my own excuses. There are plenty more where those came from. I’m too weak. I’ve never done that before. It’s too much work. Too risky. I don’t know enough about it. It takes too much time. Costs too much. Hurts too much.

No, shit. New things always hurt. So once we’ve exhausted all our excuses, what do we do next? First, we set a brand new declaration and vision for the next 20 years. Don’t think you’ll be here in 20 years? That’s okay. Set one anyway. One that elevates the “aliveness factor” of life for you and determines all your decisions every moment and every day. My declaration?

I’m going to be the best adventure athlete in the world.

The proof, not the hype.
Let's talk.

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